Why Our Customers Use Us

Here at ADT Transport, we can proudly say that we have a large, and satisfied customer base. The range of services we provide, along with our fully qualified customer service team, we have increasingly become a more successful haulage company than others. As stated on our homepage, our regular customers use us to load and deliver their paper products. There are several reasons why our customers choose to use us, and why we can provide them all with top-quality services, with our expert assistance in all processes of their time with us. So why do our customers use us?

  1. Our specialist experience – we have a highly skilled workforce, which can put all of our customers at ease, knowing that all of their services requested are carried out by the best possible individuals. We employ a range of people with a diverse range of skills, who also can meet the needs of all aspects of our cliental.
  2. Our diverse and talented workforce – similar to our ‘experience’ tab, we pride our business on our strong, skilled and diverse workforce. We hire individuals who may have not been considered for other similar roles in similar companies, to offer the best opportunities for all. This improves our whole employer brand, which is therefore why our customers use us more. All individuals hired demonstrate strong values, clear aspirations, and of course the best quality experiences to meet the needs of our customers.
  3. Our speed of service – On our homepage, it states that we offer a same day collection and delivery service, on all days and hours of the week, which of course reaches out to a number of customers. Our productivity rates and speed of service is why our customers use us mainly. There is nothing better than getting a job done quickly!
  4. Understanding our customer needs – By understanding exactly what our customers want, we can create a trustworthy relationship with them. By doing this, we can ensure that all of their needs are met, while also satisfying them to the fullest. This is why our customers use us, as we understand them and what they need.

These reasons are just some of the main reasons why our customers use our services. Mainly, we like to build a trusted relationship with our customers to understand exactly what they require and how they would like it done. This ensures that the job is done properly, which will then ensure that the customer stays with us.

We also hold an advantage over our competitors due to our range of services and customer retention rates. The transportation industry at this moment time is in high demand for services, which is why we can effectively reach our deadlines, while also serving our cliental at the best of our ability. The demand for transportation contacts is getting increasingly higher in the current economy, which is why you should get in contact today with your transportation queries and we will be happy to help!

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