Transportation Services In Oldham

ADT Transport was set up from a single vehicle in 2004, now we are a highly successful haulage and transportation company operating in Oldham, just off the M60 motorway. We are able to serve both our existing and new customers at a short notice, with our friendly, reliable and professional service accompanying each service we provide. As a company, we always strive to maintain our level of unique and exceptional customer services, along with the professionalism of the work we provide.

In Oldham, we provide a range of transportation services in Oldham, which are:

  • Same day collection and delivery service, 24hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • UK Nationwide local or distance shipping.
  • General haulage of loose or palletised loads.
  • Full loads up to 26 or 52 pallets, double stacked on our taller trailers.
  • ADR Hazchem.
  • Live Vehicle tracking app.
  • Fully insured RHA terms and conditions.
  • Smart Clean Euro 6 emission vehicles

All of these services can also be looked into in more detail on our website. We supply these services in specialised loads, with a wide vehicle range ranging from a 3.5ton to a 44ton tractor unit. Our full list of vehicles are as followed:

  • Toyota Car – 4 Cylinder 16V Engine type.
  • Cube Truck – 2 Ton truck with a size of 18ft (length), 8.5ft (width) and 7.5ft (height).
  • Pickup Truck – 1 Ton truck with a size of 19ft (length), 8.5ft (width) and 7.5ft (height).
  • Cargo Van – 1 Ton large van with a size of 18ft (length), 6.5ft (width) and 6.5ft (height).


Being Located in Oldham

Being located in Oldham is extremely important to us as a company, as well as our customers. The transportation routes around Oldham helps our company in 3 specific ways:

  1. Connectivity – Oldham is located along a main motorway route, which can connect two or more systems of circulation around the UK. This is extremely convenient to not only us, but our customers when they come to us.
  2. Proximity – We are located next to a wide network of resources, which is an easy point to collect, distribute, and transport all of our services.
  3. Accessibility – As previously mentioned, we are located right next to the M60 motorway, which can ensure that we serve a number of people with our goods and services, in a fast, easy and efficient way, because we are easy to get to!

As a transportation and haulage company, we are closely linked to economic activities, such as retail, manufacturing and servicing. In this specific business, our location is essential, as we need to gain the best possible economic returns for the services we provide. This can also include the cost of what is being transported, and the market accessibility.

As mentioned, location is extremely important to us as a business, as we can meet all of our customer needs on time, and in a quick and efficient way. If you have any transportation or haulage queries, feel free to get in contact today!

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