Specialised Transportation Loads Near Manchester & Oldham

As a company, we at ADT Transport have slowly moved up in the courier industry and can now supply a range of specialised transportation services, which will be discussed in this blog. As we are located in Manchester and Oldham, we have fast and accessible access to serve any business – locally or nationally. With this reliability and perfect location, we can provide services at a short notice, being there for our customers whenever they need us.

In the transportation industry, there is an increased demand for quick, reliable and easy services, which is why, here at ADT Transport, we provide a ‘specialist load’ service to our customers.  The specialised loads which we provide are:

  1. ADR loading
  2. Waste Loading

Road haulage in the current economy acts as a ‘backbone’, which solves the national transport problems which are occurring.

ADR Transporting

ADR typically stands for ‘Accord Dangeroux Routier’. This is the European agreement which concerns the international carriage of dangerous goods by road. Luckily, here at ADT Transport, we have passed all the required ADR Testing to enable our company to go above and beyond for our customers.

All of our vehicles are equipped to carry full loads of ADR Hazchem, along with full equipment spill kits and full PPE. Along with our certified chemical safety advisor, we are able to protect you, and your haulage along when transporting your goods.

Waste Loading

The transportation of waste is simply the movement of waste over a specific area by trains, trucks, tankers, etc. Hazardous wastes need to be transported, stored and disposed of in specialist facilities, which is why, here at ADT Transport, we specialise in appropriately transporting waste.

As a company, we are registered with the environment agency so we are fully certified to transport loose or baled waste to registered sites. This also enables us, as a company to help towards making our planet a cleaner environment.

At ADT Transport, we can confidently say that we provide an exceptionally reliable, professional and friendly service to all of our customers – both existing and new. Not only do we provide amazing haulage services to our clients, but these specialised loads enable us to reach beyond the normal expectations of a haulage company. Therefore, providing an exceptional and professional service to all cliental.

The other services we provide are as followed:

  • Same day collection and delivery service, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • UK Nationwide local or distance haulage.
  • General haulage for loose or palletised loads.
  • Full loads (up to 26 or 52 pallets) in our trucks.
  • ADR Hazchem (one of our specialised services, as previously mentioned).
  • Waste loading.
  • Live vehicle tracking, with GPS.
  • Fully insured RHA – terms and conditions.
  • Smart clean emissions (compliant with Euro 6 regulations).

Our services are unlike any other haulage company. For more information on our general or specialised services, feel free to contact us, or view the material in our previous blogs or website content.

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