Local transportation services in Oldham

As a company, us at ADT Transport have built up a pristine reputation for being having the best quality services in Oldham. We were stablished in 2004, and ever since have grown and moved up the market for the transportation of heavy goods. We supply our customer network with services ranging from small van haulage to large 7.5-ton lorry haulage.

As stated on our website, we offer transportation services from Oldham, near the M60 motorway. Being located here allows us to have fast access to a major motorway link to many locations across the UK. We provide the following services:

  • Same day collection and delivery service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • UK nationwide local or distance shipping.
  • General haulage of loose or palletised loads.
  • Full loads up to 26 or 52 pallets, double stacked on our taller trailers.
  • ADR Hazchem.
  • Live vehicle tracking app.
  • Fully insured RHA terms and conditions.
  • Smart clean Euro 6 emission vehicles.

All of these services can be looked into in more detail on our website. Take a look at our other blog posts where they are explored in a more detailed manner – exploring the vehicles we use.

As a company, we want to uphold our local reputation as well as possible, and being located where we are in Oldham, we are able to do so easily. But why is using a local haulage company so important?

  1. The personality and character of our business – as we are an independent business, we are run by local people, who know and understand the local community well. Therefore, this creates and gives us a more natural authenticity, which will be more apparent in the local community of Oldham.
  2. Customer service – Our owners understand the locals, along with the local streets, businesses, etc. We offer a sense of personality when it comes to our services, which can in most cases be the best type of customer service!
  3. Originality – in todays modern economy, the world is slowly becoming more dominated by chain companies. Independent businesses, like ourselves, can bring a sense or originality and variety into communities. The services we offer can be similar to other large chains, however we feel as if we speak out to our cliental and our customers in a much more personalised and original way.
  4. If something goes wrong? It is vital for our cliental to know what happens if something goes wrong on the road. Therefore, it can be significant to our customers to know that they can come talk to us face-to-face. Large companies will often just provide you with a customer service number, along with a long hold process followed. It can provide you with ease knowing that you can talk to us directly and fix any problems then and there.

Among these reasons, there are many more to suggest that using a local company is more substantial than a large organisation. For more information concerning our services and locations, check out our website or get in contact with us today – all of the contact information is located in out ‘contact us’ tab!

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