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About ADT Transport,

ADT Transport was established with a single vehicle in 2004 set up as an owner driver entering the courier industry.

Since then we have gradually moved up in to the heavy goods vehicle world and can now supply our customers any vehicle ranging from a small van or lorries ranging from 7.5 ton to 44 ton.

We are located in Oldham just off the M60 Motorway giving us very fast access to serve many local businesses around the local area at short notice.

ADT Transport offers a very reliable, friendly, professional, service for both our existing and new customers.

Not only do we provide a general haulage service but over the years we have been transporting our clients very expensive Audio visual equipment which ADT Transport collects and transports to venues and football stadia like the Etihad Stadium and Old Trafford. Or event centres like Event City Manchester, Hotels like the Hilton, or large conference centres like the ExCel Centre London.

ADT Transport gets chosen for the job as our clients know we are trusted in the industry and fully insured to get the job done on time every time...

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